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Remember to drink water with protein!

This is something that I always forget and I always regret it. I also tend to forget to tell friends this, and it makes me feel like a bad friend. Your kidneys filter all your body fluids and this includes your proteins.  Your kidneys make sure you don’t pee out all your proteins, which is super awesome of them. When you have a lot of protein in only a little bit of water, it stresses out your kidneys.  In addition to that (which you probably won’t feel), it can make you constipated (which you probably WILL feel).  Sorry to bring up the poopies, but I did.

Drink tons of water before, during, and after protein shakes.

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Interested or committed, which one are you?

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"Bitch, don’t kill my gainz."

Example - Kickstars (Bar 9 remix)